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Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA)

     Welcome to the Food-Matters.TV, a posting of the Eco Views & News (EV&N) programs concerning food issues.

Climate Change, Peak Oil, Biotechnology and the Forthcoming Food Crises

     As a result of the more than four decades of work of Lester R. Brown on global food matters, it has now become apparent to scholars and the world at large that one of the first and most immediately recognizable results of our changing global climate will be the impact that climate variability will have upon local, national and international food systems. This means that food and agricultural matters will become the domain within which we as a human community will come both to perceive and respond to global climate change.

     Briefly put, in the coming years, the human community will need to devise sustainable systems of food production if it wishes to survive. Food-Matters.TV is designed as a platform for the public presentation of the information emerging in this field, recording the local and global transition to solar sustainable agriculture.

     These programs are presented in the CCTV's BeLive! series as part of the materials prepared by the Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA).. The episodes are listed here in reverse chronological order, with the most recent programs listed on the top of the following list. Join us to view the most recent listings and send us suggestions for other topics that we might cover on food issues that may be of interest to you.

Program Number

Program #75 30 October 2011 Chapters in African Agricultural History: Much Needed New Investment? Or "Neo-Colonial" Land Grab?
          PDF of Slides | Video Stream of Program
Program #71 18 September 2011 Beyond The "Green Revolution:" The Current Paradigm Shift in Global Agricultural Science
          PDF of Slides | Video Stream of Program
Program #70 11 September 2011 Feeding Hunger, Fueling Collapse: Norman Borlaug, the "Green Revolution" and its Multiple Legacies
          PDF of Slides | Video Stream of Program
Program #69 21 August 2011 "Food Matters - First Principles & Second Thoughts: Assessing Our Circumstance,"
          PDF of Slides | Video Stream of Program
Program #56 20 February 2011 "Fueling the Coming Revolutions: Climate Change, GMOs and the Ethanol vs. Food Conflict"
          PDF of Slides | Video Stream of Program
Program #53 23 January 2011 "Tunisia: A Taste of the Future? Climate Change, Food Prices and Political Chaos"
          PDF of Slides | Video Stream of Program

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