Short-Title List of Selected Works on
Water Resources Conservation

Compiled by
Timothy C. Weiskel
in association with

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Adopting a Stream : A Northwest Handbook
Steve Yates, Sandra Noel (Illustrator) / Paperback / Published 1989
Price: $11.96

Echo Park : Struggle for Preservation
Jon M. Cosco / Paperback / Published 1995
Price: $11.96

The Ecological Basis for River Management
David M. Harper, Alastair J.D. Ferguson (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1995
Price: $115.00

Entering the Watershed : A New Approach to Save America's River Ecosystems
Bob Doppelt / Hardcover / Published 1993
Price: $60.00

The Fresh Waters of Scotland : A National Resource of International Significance
Peter S. Maitland (Editor), et al / Hardcover / Published 1994
Price: $118.00

Groundwater Quality (Agid Special Publication)
H. Nash, G.J.H. McCall (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1995
Price: $89.95

How to Save a River : A Handbook for Citizen Action
David M. Bolling / Paperback / Published 1994
Price: $40.00

Killing the Hidden Waters
Charles Bowden / Paperback / Published 1985
Price: $10.36

The Mediterranean (Greenpeace : The Seas of Europe)
Xavier Pastor (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1992
Price: $24.47

More People, Less Erosion : Environmental Recovery in Kenya
Mary Tiffen, et al / Paperback / Published 1994
Price: $60.00

The Price of Taming a River : The Decline of Puget Sound's Duwamish/Green Waterway
Mike Sato / Paperback / Published 1997
Price: $10.36

Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems : Science, Technology, and Public Policy
Committee on Restoration Public Policy / Hardcover / Published 1992
Price: $39.95

Soil and Water Management Systems
Glenn O. Schwab, et al / Hardcover / Published 1996
Price: $81.95

Sustaining Our Water Resources : Water Science and Technology Board Tenth Anniversary Symposium November 9, 1992
Paperback / Published 1993
Price: $25.00

Water Quality : Management of a Natural Resource
James Perry, Elizabeth Vanderklein / Paperback / Published 1996
Price: $65.00

The Wild and Scenic Rivers of America
Tim Palmer / Hardcover / Published 1993
Price: $50.00

Wildland Watershed Management
Donald R. Satterlund, Paul W. Adams / Hardcover / Published 1992
Price: $79.95

Agrohydrology-Recent Developments : Proceedings of the Symposium Agrohydrology at the International Agricultural Centre Iac Wageningen, the Netherlan
J.W. Van Hoorn (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1988
Price: $220.75 (Special Order)

Alternatives in Regulated River Management
James A. Gore, Geoffrey E. Petts (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1989
Price: $259.00 (Special Order)

American Rivers Outstanding Rivers List
Matthew H. Huntington, John D. Echeverria / Paperback / Published 1991
Price: $24.95 (Special Order)

Asian International Waters : From Ganges-Brahmaputra to Mekong (Water Resources Management, No 4)
Asit K. Biswas (Editor), Tsuyoshi Hashimoto (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1997
Price: $28.00 (Back Ordered)

The Battle for the Buffalo River : A Twentieth-Century Conservation Crisis in the Ozarks
Neil Compton / Hardcover / Published 1992
Price: $58.00 (Special Order)

Coastal Zone '95 : Extended Abstracts for the Ninth Conference
Billy L. Edge (Editor), United States National Resources Conservation se / Paperback / Published 1995
Price: $62.00 (Special Order)

Cold Running River
David N. Cassuto / Hardcover / Published 1994
Price: $32.50 (Special Order)

Conservation of Water and Related Land Resources
Peter E. Black / Hardcover / Published 1987
Price: $55.50 (Special Order)

Consolidated Catalogue of Publications on Water Resources in Print from 1971 to 1981/Sales No. E/F/S.84.Ii.A.15
Paperback / Published 1984
Price: $11.00 (Special Order)

The Drought Busters Handbook : 30 Easy Ways to Save Water---And Money
William Slater, et al / Paperback / Published 1991
(Publisher Out Of Stock)

Effects of Water Conservation on New Water Supply for Urban Colorado Utilities
Carol Ellinghouse / Paperback / Published 1983
Price: $9.00 (Special Order)

The European Water Environment in a Period of Transformation
John Hassan (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1996
Price: $74.95 (Special Order)

Ground-Water Models (Studies and Reports in Hydrology ; 34)
J. D. Bredehoeft / Paperback / Published 1982
Price: $26.25 (Special Order)

How to Get Water Smart : Products and Practices for Saving Water in the Nineties
Buzz Ubzzell, et al / Paperback / Published 1992
Price: $9.95 + $0.85 special surcharge (Special Order)

Hydroinformatics : Information Technology and the Aquatic Environment
Michael B. Abbott / Hardcover / Published 1991
Price: $51.95 (Special Order)

Hydropolitics : Conflicts over Water As a Development Constraint
Leif Ohlsson (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1996
Price: $59.95 (Special Order)

Infiltration and Recharge of Stormwater : A Resource Conserving Alternative for the Urban Infrastructure (Public Admin Series--Bibliography, No 1563)
Bruce K. Ferguson / Paperback / Published 1984
Price: $3.00 + $2.85 special surcharge (Special Order)

Instream Flow Protection : Adaptation to Intensifying Demands
Philip C. Metzger, Jennifer A. Haverkamp / Paperback / Published 1984
Price: $4.50 + $2.35 special surcharge (Special Order)

Integrated Water Development : Water Use and Conservation Practice in Western Colorado
James L. Wescoat / Paperback / Published 1984
Price: $14.50 (Special Order)

Landscape Design and Management for Water Conservation
Hardcover / Published 1982
Price: $20.00 (Special Order)

Living Waters : How to Save Your Local Stream
Owen D. Owens / Hardcover / Published 1993
Price: $35.00 (Back Ordered)

Making Soil and Water Conservation Work : Scientific and Policy Perspectives
Daniel W. Halbach, et al / Paperback / Published 1987
Price: $11.00 (Special Order)

The Management of Marine Regions : The North Pacific
Edward Miles / Hardcover / Published 1983
(Publisher Out Of Stock)

Managing Water Resources During Global Change : An International Conference : Awra 28th Annual Conference & Symposium
Raymond Herrmann (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1992
Price: $75.00 (Special Order)

Megaproject : A Case Study of China's Three Gorges Project (Chinese Environment and Development : A Monograph Series)
Shui-Hung Luk, Joseph Whitney (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1992
Price: $67.95 (Special Order)

Our National Wetland Heritage : A Protection Guidebook
Jon A. Kusler / Paperback / Published 1983
Price: $14.00 (Back Ordered)

Policies and Strategies for Rational Use of Water in the Ece Region
Paperback / Published 1984
(Publisher Out Of Stock)

Potential for Water Yield Augmentation Through Forest and Range Management
Stanley L. Ponce (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1983
Price: $7.50 + $1.35 special surcharge (Special Order)

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Ground Water Ecology
Jack A. Stanford, John J. Simons (Editor) / Paperback / Published 1993
Price: $18.00 (Special Order)

Reservoir Sedimentology (Special Publication)
Roderick W. Tillman (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1987
Price: $55.00 (Special Order)

Restoring and Protecting the World's Lakes and Reservoirs (World Bank Technical Paper, No 289)
Ariel Dinar (Editor), Peter Seidl / Paperback / Published 1995
Price: $8.95 + $0.85 special surcharge (Special Order)

River Channel Restoration : Guiding Principles for Sustainable Projects
Andrew Brookes (Editor), F. Douglas Shields (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1996
(Special Order)

River Conservation and Management
P.J. Boon, et al / Hardcover / Published 1992
Price: $285.00 (Special Order)

River of Promise, River of Peril : The Politics of Managing the Missouri River (Development of Western Resources)
John E. Thorson / Hardcover / Published 1994
Price: $29.95 (Special Order)

The Salty Colorado
Taylor O. Miller, et al / Paperback / Published 1986
Price: $9.50 + $0.85 special surcharge (Special Order)

The Sea Has Many Voices : Oceans Policy for a Complex World
Cynthia Lamson (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1994
Price: $34.96 (Special Order)

Seneca Watershed Management Study : Piscataway Watershed Management Study
Paperback / Published 1983
Price: $2.00 + $3.35 special surcharge (Special Order)

Stars Upstream : Life Along an Ozark River
Leonard Hall / Paperback / Published 1983
Price: $16.95 (Special Order)

Storm over Mono : The Mono Lake Battle and the California Water Future
John Hart / Hardcover / Published 1996
Price: $50.00 (Back Ordered)

A Story That Stands Like a Dam : Glen Canyon and the Struggle for the Soul of the West
Russell Martin / Hardcover / Published 1989
(Publisher Out Of Stock)

Strategies for River Basin Management : Environmental Integration of Land and Water in a River Basinbrary, No 6
Jan Lundqvist (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1985
Price: $88.00 (Special Order)

Strategies, Approaches and Systems in Integrated Watershed Management/F2910 (Fao Conservation Guide, No 14)
Paperback / Published 1986
Price: $30.00 (Special Order)

Taking the Waters : Soil and Water Conservation Among Settling Beja Nomads in Eastern Sudan (African Studies Centre Leiden: Research Series, No 4)
Johan Aad Van Dijik / Paperback / Published 1995
Price: $31.96 (Special Order)

Tatshenshini River Wild
Ric Carless, et al / Hardcover / Published 1993
Price: $34.95 (Special Order)

To Master a Thirsty Future : An Assessment of Water Management Efforts in Tucson Arizona
Philip C. Metzger / Paperback / Published 1984
Price: $8.50 + $1.35 special surcharge (Special Order)

Torrent Control Terminology
Paperback / Published 1982
Price: $12.50 (Special Order)

Urban Water Conservation, Increasing Efficiency-In-Use Residential Water Demand
Paperback / Published 1982
Price: $13.00 (Special Order)

Vetiver Grass for Soil and Water Conservation, Land Rehabilitation, and Embankment Stabilization : A Collection of Papers and Newsletters (World Bank)
Richard G. Grimshaw (Editor), et al / Paperback / Published 1995
Price: $16.95 (Special Order)

Washington's Wild Rivers : The Unfinished Work
Tim McNulty, Pat O'Hara (Photographer) / Hardcover / Published 1990
Price: $14.98 (Special Order)

Water Conservation : Monographs (Public Administration Series : Bibliography, No 1542)
Mary Vance / Paperback / Published 1984
Price: $4.50 + $2.35 special surcharge (Special Order)

Water Shortage : Lessons in Conservation from the Great California Drought, 1976-1977
Richard A. Berk / Hardcover / Published 1984
Price: $47.50 (Special Order)

The Weber River Basin : Grass Roots Democracy and Water Development
Richard W. Sadler, Richard C. Roberts / Hardcover / Published 1994
Price: $26.95 (Special Order)

What Becomes of Pollution : Adversary Science and the Controversy on the Self-Purification of Rivers in Britain, 1850-1900 (Modern European History)
Christopher Hamlin / Hardcover / Published 1987
Price: $95.00 (Special Order)

America's Water : Current Trends and Emerging Issues
Published 1985
(Hard to Find)

Aquatic Resources Management of the Colorado River System
V. Dean Adams, Vincent A. Lamarra / Published 1983
(Hard to Find)

A Citizen's Guide to River Conservation
Rolf Diamant / Published 1984
(Hard to Find)

Conserving Water : The Untapped Alternative (Worldwatch Paper, 67)
Sandra Postel / Published 1985
(Hard to Find)

Forest and Watershed Development and Conservation in Asia and the Pacific
Lawrence Hamilton / Published 1982
(Hard to Find)

Freshwater Vegetation Management
Edward O., Dr. Gangstad / Published 1986
(Hard to Find)

Gila : The Life and Death of an American River
Gregory McNamee / Published 1994
(Hard to Find)

Ground Water Quality Protection : State and Local Strategies
Published 1986
(Hard to Find)

Nor Any Drop to Drink
William Ashworth / Published 1982
(Hard to Find)

Principles of Soil Conservation and Water Management
H.R. Arakeri, Roy Donahue / Published 1985
(Hard to Find)

Proceedings of the National Symposium on the Future Availability of Ground Water Resources
Robert C. Borden, William L. Lyke (Editor) / Published 1992
(Hard to Find)

Running Dry : How to Conserve Water Indoors and Out
Andrew Roy Addkison / Published 1983
(Hard to Find)

Saving Water in a Desert City
William E. Martin / Published 1984
(Hard to Find)

Saving Water in the Home & Garden
Jonathan Erickson / Published 1993
(Hard to Find)

The Sea : A Celebration : Greenpeace
Peter Wood (Editor) / Published 1993
(Hard to Find)

Simplified Framework Evaluation of Water Resource Project Impacts (The Environment : Problems and Solutions)
Brian Clowes / Published 1990
(Hard to Find)

Stanislaus : The Struggle for a River
Tim Palmer / Published 1982
(Hard to Find)

Water : The Nature, Uses, and Future of Our Most Precious and Abused Resource
Fred Powledge / Published 1982
(Hard to Find)

Water and Agriculture in the Western U.S. : Conservation, Reallocation and Markets
Gary D. Weatherford / Published 1982
(Hard to Find)

Water Conservation in Landscape Design and Management
Gary O. Robinette / Published 1984
(Hard to Find)

Water Quality in North American River Systems
Duane A. Neitzel (Editor), C. Dale Becker (Editor) / Published 1992
(Hard to Find)

Water Reclamation : Here Now and How : Association of Water Reclamation Agencies Symposium III October 13 14 1988
Benton C. Price (Editor) / Published 1990
(Hard to Find)

Water Rights and Their Transfer in the Western United States
R. Keith Higginson, Jack A. Barnett / Published 1985
(Hard to Find)

Watershed Resources Management : An Integrated Framework With Studies from Asia and the Pacific (Studies in Water Policy and Management, No 10)
William K. Easter, et al / Published 1986
(Hard to Find)

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