Timothy C. Weiskel

Selected Web-Accessible Publications & Talks

"A Public Policy for Plant Genetic Resources," Worldview, 23, 10 ("October 1980), 11-13. http://ecoethics.net/Papers/Plant-Genetic.pdf

"Food, Famine and the Frontier Mentality," Worldview, 24, 12 (December 1981), 14-16. http://ecoethics.net/Papers/Famine-And-Frontier-Mentality-bw.pdf

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Environmental Decline and Public Policy, with Richard Grey, (Ann Arbor, MI, Pierian Press, 1992). (Publication Information)

Chapter I - Devising Public Policy in an Ecological Community
Chapter II - Historical Aspects of Environmental Decline
Chapter III - "Development" and Environmental Decline in the Contemporary Third World
Chapter IV - Environmental Decline in Post-War Africa: A Case Study
Chapter V - Time's Arrow and the Human Prospect

"Visious Circles: African Demographic History as a Warning," Harvard International Review, (Fall, 1994), pp. 12-16. http://ecoethics.net/Papers/1994-Population-150.pdf

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"Designing Within The Possible: The Art and Theology of Engineering Sustainability," Cambridge Arts Council "Waterworks: A Symposium on Art and Water," The Sackler Art Museum, 5 April 1997. Occasional Papers Series, No. 4, http://ecoethics.net/Papers/1997-Designing.htm

"Some Notes from Belshaz'zar's Feast," in The Greening of Faith: God, the Environment, and the Good Life Edited by John E. Carroll, Paul Brockelman and Mary Westfall (Hanover, London, University Press of New England, 1997), pp. 11-29. http://ecoethics.net/Papers/Belshazar-front.htm

"Bad Samaritans on a Small Planet: Rethinking 'Neighbor' in an Ecosystem," Sermon, St. John's, Lafayette Square,Washington, D.C., 3 May 1998. http://ecoethics.net/Papers/samaritans.htm

"Doing Theology on a Small Planet: The Role of Religion in Addressing the Dilemma, 'Where Do We Go From Here?'" Christianity & Ecology Conference, Harvard Divinity School, Panel - "Public Policies for Sustainability" - 18 April 1998. http://ecoethics.net/Papers/1998-chr&eco.htm

"The 'Apostles's Creed' for Ecologically Sustainable Public Policy." (1998). http://ecoethics.net/Papers/CREED-02.HTM

"Denying the Evidence: Science and the Human Prospect," in Earth at Risk: An Environmental Dialogue between Religion and Science,  Donald B. Conroy and Rodney L. Petersen, (eds.), (Amherst, New York, Humanity Books, 2000), pp. 107-130. http://ecoethics.net/Papers/2000-Denying-Evidence.pdf

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"A Personal Tribute to The Reverend William Sloane Coffin, Jr.", Once to Every Man and Nation, Yale University, 31 May 2003 [Reunion Tribute of the Yale Class of 1968 to The Reverend William Sloane Coffin].

"Civil Society and the Human Prospect: The Ethical Challenge of Maurice Strong," Where on Earth are We Going, Wesleyan University, Robert Schumann Environmental Studies Program, Symposium Honoring Maurice Strong, 9 September 2004.

“From Sidekick to Sideshow—Celebrity, Entertainment, and the Politics of Distraction Why Americans Are ‘Sleepwalking Toward the End of the Earth,’” American Behavioral Scientist, 49, 3, (November 2005), pp. 393-409. (PDF of page proofs).

As well as:


Real Audio "Coming to Believe What We Know: The Rise of Civilization and the Disjunction of Knowledge and Belief." [Lecture, Smith College, 24 September  1989 ].      http://nativenet.uthscsa.edu/audio/a2a/weiskel.ra


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