William R. Moomaw

Co-Director - The Climate Talks Project

Biographical Background

       William R. Moomaw is co-founder and Co-Director, with Timothy C. Weiskel, of the Climate Talks Project.  Mr. Moomaw is Professor of International Environmental Policy at Tufts University where he has been the Director of the International Environment and Resource Policy Program at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy Tufts University since 1992.

       In addition to his work at the Fletcher School, he is also Director of Tufts Institute of the Environment which coordinates a variety of environmental programs in research, education, activism, outreach and service at all of Tufts University's varied schools and colleges. He also co-directs the Global Development and Environment Institute, which explores the relationship among economics, environment and technology.

       Dr. Moomaw received his undergraduate degree from Williams College, and his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from MIT. He was Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Center for Environmental Studies at Williams College before leaving to direct the Climate, Energy and Pollution Program at the World Resources Institute in Washington, DC in 1988.

       During the mid-1970s, he served as a Congressional Science Fellow for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. While working for Congress, he helped to develop the legislation that eliminated CFCs from aerosol cans, worked on energy research following the oil embargo and on the National Forest Management Act.

       He has written and lectured extensively on global environmental issues, and is a principle lead author of both industry chapters of the 1995 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, and for the IPCC Technical Paper, "Technology, Policies and Measures for Mitigation of Climate Change." He is currently coordinating the emissions reduction chapter for the IPCC 2000 Assessment. He is also working on projects for the introduction of clean energy technologies into South Asia, and is addressing nitrogen air and water pollution in China, and altered patterns of water demand under possible future climates in the U.S. He is developing new strategies for meeting the goals of the climate convention, and was a facilitator in 1997 and 1998 for a group of negotiators, industrial and NGO representatives addressing the Kyoto Protocol.

       Dr. Moomaw currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Earthwatch, the Consensus Building Institute and the American Chemical Society Task Force on Toxic Substances.


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