Internet Reources for Exploring Religion,
Worldviews, Environment and Public Policy

Compiled by
Timothy C. Weiskel
for the
Environmental Ethics & Public Policy Program (1989-1999)
Harvard Divinity School

Some Local Sources
Environmental Ethics & Public Policy Program (1989-1999)    
Harvard Seminar on Environmental Values (Series of Seminar Presentations)              

Occasional Papers Series
Subject Bibliographies in Environmental Ethics
Short Titles List on Environmental Ethics and Related Topics
     See particularly:
Public Policy Research Platform

Environmental Ethics and Land Management (Harvard University-Fall 2001)

Environmental Ethics and Public Policy Program (Harvard Divinity School-1989-1999)

Working Group on Environmental Justice

Audio-Visual Gateway for the Working Group on Environmental Justice
Biotechnology and Environmental Justice -- Research Web Page
Access to India Environmental Information
Selected Zapatista Material on the Web

Religions of the World and Ecology Series

Forum on Religion and Ecology

Regional, National and International Resources
University of British Columbia - The W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics  
Regional, National and International Religious Initiatives and Organizations related to Environmental Ethics and Eco-Justice
Boston Theological Institute (BTI)
       Religion & Science Program, Gail Bucher, MS, F&SE Director
       Religion and Ecology Program
The Web of Creation
National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE)
Theological Education to Meet the Environmental Challenge (TEMEC)
Chicago Theological Initiative on Eco-Justice
National Council of Churches - Eco-Justice Working Group
Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship
Center for Environmental Philosophy - University of Texas
Ethics Update - Environmental Ethics
Religious Witness for the Earth
The Regeneration Project & Episcopal Power and Light
The World Council of Churches University of British Columbia - Center for Applied Ethics - Environmental Ethics Resources on WWW